About The COURTVISION President, Kirk D. Berry

For years Kirk D. Berry had been working full-time and was actively involved in leading and coordinating extracurricular events for youth throughout the Greater Toronto Area. His love for basketball and the belief in the positive life skills the sport can impress upon youth compelled him to launch the


COURTVISION Basketball Inc. 

and now 



Kirk’s vision is to coordinate a series of annual specialty tournaments, skill clinics and camps, offered in a positive and safe playing environment, that encourages young adults to participate and get involved in their community while developing their talents and challenging their mind.


A strong foundation, sound business strategy and a passion for doing what you love to do makes organizations successful. However, when you add a positive, charismatic and passionate leader, energy thrives and great things happen. Over the past 15 years, more than 2000 young adults ages 5 to 40 have participated in Kirk Berry’s Basketball events either through COURTVISIONor earlier programs. They are of various creed, colour, religion and they come from different households all over the GTA. When they go to COURTVISION, they go for love, the love of the game. What they go home with is an invaluable, fun learning experience that exceeds expectations. It is the founding principles, passion, and method of delivery of Kirk’s ideas and concepts that have lead to the improved life skills of so many individuals in our community.

“ I am tired of our youth not succeeding in life,

wasting time and doing crime.

Sports, music and our hi-tech society seems to attract us all; So we combine these with COURTVISION Athletics inc. 

and it remains positive.                     - Coach Kirk 'babyjordan' Berry


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